More than 20 various beaches offers Samui island in Thailand. Some of them will delight, or, perhaps, someone even frighten her bezlûdnost′û; on the other you can enjoy water activities, massage or dine by candlelight, relaxing on a beach mattress. Here you will find places to warm her feet in a shallow white sand under a Palm tree at the calm sea or admire the huge waves off the rocks before disintegrating into millions of tiny spatter.

We introduce you to the most popular beaches of the island and will help you choose the best vacation in Thailand.

Lipa Noi (Lipa Noi)

LIPA NOI is the least touristy site, located on the West coast of the island. This is best open views of the sunset, here you can feel the unique atmosphere of neturističeskogo of Thailand, with its small dwellings of local Thais and a minimum number of tourists. LIPA Noi District along the coast was occupied by the most luxury villas in Thailand and only a few hotels. There is a Beach Club with a world name Nikki Beach, where you can take part in one of the incendiary parties, visit the famous Sunday brunch buffet or simply relax poolside with friends.

In one of the quietest parts of LIPA Noi Beach complex is located villas Apollo Beach Club which builds our company. Due to the ideal combination of the proposed facilities, the perfect beach, design, quality and price, the first built villa Summer has become a leader in terms of number of reservations among all island villas on short term rental market.

LIPA Noi beach is no different broad sandy Strip as Chaweng or Chengmon but local sea lovers swim large areas with convenient calling without sharp coral reefs or rocks. The sea depth varies depending on the season and location, because the beach is very long. There is no such abundance of coastal restaurants, as in the other, better-known among tourists beaches in Thailand, but a few coastal resorts and hotels are always glad to offer best serves its dishes enjoying his vacation in private villas.

In 5-10 minutes transportation is the administrative centre of Nathon, Samui (Nathon) to Tesco Lotus supermarket and grocery market where you can buy everything you need. There's also settled down the Pier from which Ferries depart every hour on the Mainland. Near the Marina at any time, you can buy the freshest seafood from local fishermen, or enjoy them in one of the local restaurants.

Except for the Beach Club Nikki Beach, in the area of the island there are practically no nightlife, but pristine palm groves and deserted beaches will give you a sense of this tropical paradise.

Very close to LIPA NOI is Paradise Park Farm-Highland farm with birds, hares, deer and many other animals are a favorite pastime of all young visitors to the island.

Chaweng Beach (Chaweng) and Chaweng Noi (Chaweng Noi)

Chaweng is the most popular among tourists not only beach on Koh Samui. This coastal sand Strip length 7 km is the longest and most developed Beach on the island. It is Chaweng belong to among the best beaches in Thailand.

The fine white sands of Chaweng, coupled with turquoise water magic shade attach the beach kind of this tropical paradise.

Here are some of the best hotels on the island, as well as smaller resorts with simple bungalows, guest houses, an unimaginable variety of restaurants offering dishes from chefs from around the world, bars, discos, Atelier on tailoring inexpensive quality clothing and gift shops from Thailand.

Chaweng evening turns into a center of night life of the island. Here you can spend the evening by candlelight, enjoying a romantic dinner on the beach, or come off the noisy disco (Reggae Pub, Green Mango, Solo, Sound, Ark Bar, and others).

Unlike the main Chaweng with many tourists on the beach and sunbeds in multiple series, located to the South of Chaweng Noi, lovers of good beach holidays and more relaxed atmosphere.

Lamai (Lamai)

Lamai is the second most popular beach on the island. Located 10 km south of Chaweng, Lamai has less in size and not so crowded, but it's still fairly well mastered, to offer a huge selection of hotels, restaurants and places for shopping. There are also several famous spas and tourist attractions.

Due to the fact that not any Islands close to Lamai by ocean, November-February sea here might not seem too calm. Nevertheless, Lamai beach perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing at the beach, you can enjoy all the delights of local service-massage, horse akvabajkah, a delicious lunch at local restaurants and many others.

In the evenings, the great variety of souvenir shops, restaurants and bars are lit their lights along the main street, and Lamai is transformed into a bustling pedestrian street with strolling tourists and local residents. If you prefer to spend the evening in a more intimate atmosphere, you can head towards the beach and admire the stars accompanied by the sounds of nature.

Bophut (Bophut)

Between Maenam Beach and Big Buddha Beach Bophut is situated-the sandy dvuhkilometrovoe beach with coconut trees by the sea. This is a very pleasant place, with thriving tourism, as yet not too spoiled by civilization. Fishing boats, traditional wooden dwelling together with spectacular views of the island of Ko Phangan certainly priglânutsâ connoisseurs of authentic Thai atmosphere. A calm sea in Bo phut is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. In the eastern part of Bophut is perhaps one of the oldest and very interesting places Islands-fisherman's Village. Vintage wooden houses with local shops, restaurants and bars make you forget about the current day and dipped into the past. Each of them has a unique style.

Bophut is a good compromise for those who want to relax away from the bustle of the big city, while not so far from Chaweng's entertainment center and just around the corner from Big supermarkets and Tesco Lotus.

Mènam (Majnam, Maenam, Mae Nam Beach, Maenam Beach, Maenam)

On the northern coast of Koh Samui, away from the noisy bars and clubs and is 5 km long beach with golden sand Majnam (or Mènam, as it is called by Thais). Being not too popular with tourists, the area of the island has all the necessary facilities-small shops, grocery market and a little entertainment. Someone Mènam may seem too quiet, but the opportunity to loll on the beach or swim in the sea without being surrounded by a crowd of tourists will appreciate the couples and families with children. The sand on the Mèname not as white and fine as Chaweng or Chong Monet, and the sea is shallow, but the atmosphere here is special. In the period from November to December is an excellent place for windsurfing. With the coast overlooking the neighbouring island of Koh Phangan.

Chengmon (Choeng Mon)

Very beautiful Cape with several coves is located to the East of Big Buddha, a little apart from the rest of the island. In this part of the island is predominantly private residences are located.

Choeng Mon beach is very beautiful and popular for its wide coastline, covered with pure white sand. For children and adults here a paradise, because the relatively small in terms of the length of the beach can be found as small plots to splash kids and a good sunset at sea bathers for adults. In addition to water sports, the Beach offers several excellent restaurants with local specialities and European cuisine, as well as many traditional massage parlours. Lying in a shaded Arbor, windiest fresh breeze, you can truly relax in the hands of experienced masseurs. The beach is good, both morning and afternoon on it enough shady places, not to care for additional protection from the tropical sun. During low tides you can explore knee-deep in water at nearby uninhabited islet of Ko Khvarenah.

Choeng Mon offers villas and houses mainly middle and high class: p, chosen Chaweng, here to meet virtually impossible. Good location Čongmona allows for a few minutes to reach the tourist transport, and to the main tourist attractions of the island-big Buddha and temple complex Plai Laem.